Award Winners


In April of 1993 the Lamar Chamber of Commerce became the Barton County Chamber of Commerce.  To mark the beginning of the organization, the Chamber hosts a membership meeting and awards banquet every April.  The act of recognizing locals who go "above and beyond" is one held over from the days of the Lamar Chamber of Commerce and it is how that the best and brightest from all around Barton County are recognized yearly.

Nominations are opened to all members of Barton County during the month of January and during February the General Membership votes for the winners.  

Below are the records of past award winners which we were able to find in our office but it is NOT a complete list.  The Chamber encourages individuals and past winners to contact us with information to add to this list.  Also, each year we will add new winners to this page so their accomplishments will continue to be recognized as time goes on.

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1996 - Don Lucietta
1995 - Ray Little
1994 - Lamar Democrat
1993 - Judd Chesnut
1992 - Calvin Jones
1991 - Ruby & Vincil Warren
1990 - Gerald Gilkey
1989 - Ron Hager
1988 - Tom Felts
1987 - Tom O'Sullivan
1986 - 
1985 - Peggy Hillman
1984 - 
1983 - Bill Rawlings
1982 - Tom O'Sullivan
1981 - Jim Allen


2012 - Jill Fast
2011 - Nan Woodward
2010 - Marsha Doyle
Hall of Fame
2017   Redneck Outdoor Products Marilyn Selvey Jeff Hull Lori Miller, Bill Nicaise,
 Stephanie David
Scott Bailey Dr.Michelle Boice


 2016    Tractors BBQ  Rachel Martin  Sgt. Oliver Cornell Kara Mello, Keith Woods, Ron Ray  Kathy Jenkins  Dr. Justin Ogden 

Fleeter Marti & Ruth Bunton

 2015   Barton County Strength Club  Donita McCulloch  Coty Brooks Melanie Kirby, Diane Reigal, Jaime Pjesky  Amy Neher  Julie Means   Betty O'Sullivan
 2014    Tractors BBQ Doris Little  Amy Neher   Anna Strong, Sharon Brannon, Angie Vaughn  Martin Bunton    Dr. Thomas Hopkins, MD Bub Curless 
 2013    Jones Plumbing Heating & Air  Robbie King Elaine Davis  Jim Lovercamp, Debra Simmons, Rachel Miller   Pat O'Neal Dr. Jeremy Sturgel   Edison Kaderly
 2012    Fast Eddie Hot Rod Shop Irene Thomas Richard Cooper Barbara Parrish, Sherry St. John, Beth Wilson George Nichols Chelle Gardener & Nico Linsteadt  
 2011   Mary's Flower Cart Cafe  Debbie Sniegar Nadine Mayfield Bowling, Medlin, Davidson Tom Shaw Rudy Snedigar Dot Morton & Darrell Robertson
 2010   Legacy Jim Horton Ginnie Keatts Dighero, Woods, Barker Doris Little Lori Smith Ken Howard
 2009   Versacourt  Betty Kuhn Bill Rawlings Willey, Barnes, Clemensen John Gilkey Jane Scott John Stockdale
 2008   Fast Eddie Hot Rod Shop Bob Douglas Aimee Brunner Ray, Eldred,       
 2007    Fast Eddie Hot Rod Shop Bob Douglas Aimee Brunner Susan Ray, Leesa, Eldred Lynn Calton Leisa Blanchard  Margaret Wirts & Mary K. Miller
 2006    Lamar Enterprises Jo Jurgens Chief Ron Hager Hager, Huber, Pellett Rayma Bekebrock Davis    Dr. Cain & Gerald Gilkey
 2005   Dot's Hallmark Virgina Erwin Pat Vaughan Pat Gordon, Brad Jones, Calvin Pyle Bob Douglas    
 2004  Rice's Feed Store Barco Drive-In Kathy Jenkins Virginia Rutledge VanGilder, Masterson, S. Keith  Charles Curless    
 2003 Wa-da-ya-Bid Auction  Roberts Department Store Belinda Rutledge John Bary VanGilder, Hackney, Kaufman Ron Hager    
 2002 M & J Berries  Daniel Funeral Home Marilyn Harris Paul "Cubby" Hall D. Tuck, N. Tahhan, Lovercamp Ginnie Keatts    
 2001  Barton Co. Impliment Eastside Amoco  Shirley Curless   M. Selvey, K. Myers, L. Poznich  Gerald Gilkey    
 2000 Seed & Farm Supply  Tiadon Systems Calvin Jones   Williams, Kirby, Monroe Judd Chesnut