Spotlight on Isenhower Lumber

Sitting down for a few minutes with Lonnie Stilabower, owner of Isenhower Lumber Company was a great experience for our staff. His office contains stacks of papers, a frequently ringing phone, and inspiring quotes posted in various places. Those quotes gave us some insight to what pushes Mr. Stilabower to overcome obstacles, face new challenges & the ability to adapt to the marketplace.

One of the biggest challenges Isenhower Lumber has faced in the past was overcoming the fire in September 1999; they came back stronger than ever! The present challenges are the same ones that all small businesses in the US face; taxes, government regulations & health insurance continue to be the front-runners. When we asked how he is overcoming these obstacles, he smiles and says, “You brainstorm with others, share ideas that are working and keep going. Being a part of the Barton County Chamber has given us networking opportunities to discuss these topics with others in our community.”

Isenhower Lumber Company has been serving Barton County since 1935. Started by Emery Isenhower and family owned by the Stilabower family since 1966. Lonnie & Barb have been sole owners since 1982. Lonnie feels blessed to have a family owned business, with many of their children working for them. They look forward to keeping it in the family for generations to come.

We appreciate the hard work that Lonnie and his family put into serving this community’s residential construction needs. However, many do not realize that Isenhower Lumber has seen an increase in business over recent years from Jasper, Vernon, Cedar and Dade counties. Many can find specialized lumber & products at this community lumber yard, better than they can with some of the “Big Box Stores” in the area. If you would like to see the outstanding product lines offered by Isenhower Lumber stop by and see them at their convenient location at 903 Gulf Street in Lamar, or you can go the Do It Best website and shop from the comfort of home.