Spotlight on Bull Insurance

Bull-InsuranceBull Insurance Agency is a Barton County family owned business since 1992 located on Gulf Street which offers personal and commercial lines of insurance through reputable companies such as Nationwide, Allstate, Safeco, Guideone, Grinnell Mutual and many others.

As with many insurance agencies recently, the changes to national healthcare have been a very large obstacle. While many other insurance agencies are leaving this field, Bull Insurance has chosen to embrace it, seeking out further training and education to be better prepared to help their customers.

When asked what they were most proud of as a business, Agents at Bull Insurance insisted it was their ability to serve the community they live in, stressing that they believe their customers are more than just numbers – but their friends, family, and neighbors. As a result of building relationships with their clients, they have experienced great growth over the last few years. In the future, Bull Insurance Agency hopes to see that growth continue, offering their clients more and better services as time goes on.

Bull Insurance Agency continues to be a proud member of the Barton County Chamber of Commerce because of the networking opportunities it provides and because the people at Bull Insurance believe the Chamber really helps to better the local business climate.

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