Spotlight on Dairy Queen

DQ_five_buck_lunchFrom Orange Julius, to delicious chili dogs & those amazing chicken strip baskets ...and who could ever forget a tasty Blizzard with all your favorite fixings - Dairy Queen has long been one of Barton County's favorite places to enjoy great food and beverages.  Dairy Queen use to be at the corner of 160 & Gulf Street in Lamar, but in 2009 they faced one of their greatest challenges when they opened their location just off the interstate on 1st Lane.  

While daunting, the move proved to be wildly successful for Dairy Queen, a business who is proud to provide 40-50 jobs on average each summer.  DQ has launched some great new products of late including the DQ Bakes - ice cream served with baked goods such as Fudged Stuffed Cookies, Apple tart and the Triple Chocolate Brownie.  They also have some new sandwiches such as the chicken bacon ranch, chicken mozzarella, and the turkey blt.  And, you can't forget about their popular $5 lunches served from 11am-4pm each day.

Dairy Queen remains a proud part of the Barton County Chamber of Commerce because of the valuable information and resources it provides to their company.