Spotlight On Antler Ridge

Antler RidgeAntler Ridge is your local source for all hunting, fishing, and archery related needs but did you know that they also do repairs, sell used items, and have an indoor 20 yard archery range? This business, one of the oldest Mathew’s dealerships in the 10% of the nation, is in its 17th year of business. Originally opened by Jim and Babe Rogers in 1999, Antler Ridge employees believe their outstanding customer service is the reason for their success.

Over the years Antler Ridge has faced a number of obstacles such as an ever changing industry and learning how to predict sales trends and demands from the newly named interstate traffic. To deal with these challenges, Antler Ridge has continued to listen to its customer base, attended numerous industry shows, and utilized social media to their best advantage.  Are YOU following them on Facebook? https://www.facebook.com/pages/Antler-Ridge-Hunting-Fishing-Archery/111797555499093

Antler Ridge is most proud of staying in business for so many years in the face of a harsh global and local economy. They know that having an archery-pro-shop that provides service to a small community and brings in out of town customers isn’t just something that benefits them – but their community as a whole. In the future, Antler Ridge plans to expand their services and product lines and they hope to develop a firearms business.

Antler Ridge is a proud member of the Barton County Chamber of Commerce because of the exposure the Chamber provides, but also because they believe being part of the Chamber is a great way to show your support of the community.