Spotlight on AMI

amiMost people in our area know KKOW, Rock 107.1, New Life Radio or any of the seven stations owned by the company known as American Media Investments (or AMI for short.) AMI prides itself on providing affordable advertising opportunities not just for those companies who are able to enter into large and lengthy contracts, but to businesses of all sizes.

With area representatives who take the time to get to know the people in their listening range, supporting both businesses and civic interests in their hometown areas, AMI employees feel that what truly sets them apart from others in their field is their willingness to connect with the community. And that’s just one of the many reasons they’ve been long time supporters of the Barton County Chamber of Commerce – to show their support of the businesses and community they proudly serve.

One of the greatest obstacles they faced as a company came after the Joplin Tornado of 2011. Many of their customers were impacted by the devastation and did not have a need for advertising for some time after the tragedy. Having just expanded a short time before the Tornado struck, AMI owners wondered if they could struggle through and recover – thankfully, as with so many other businesses affected at the time, AMI did make it through and is now stronger than ever before seeing increasing revenue year after year since the event.

AMI is now looking towards the future of their business offering streaming services online so even when you’re far away from home (on the job or maybe off at college) you can still get local news from your favorite jocks, great music you love, and even area sporting events on the go. Additionally, AMI is looking to social media for connectivity with their audience and future customers.